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Each wedding brings its own emotion and excitement, an untold tale. 


This is why we offer each couple a personal approach. We feel it’s important to connect. Understanding you as a couple brings you a unique prospective on story telling. 


By engaging in your wedding plans, how you met, the proposal, what you love about each other, builds the foundations of your wedding story.

Appreciating the sentimental value in your imagery. Passing on a feeling, a love. Something to be proud of for years to come.

Relaxed and discreet - Lovers of simplicity. 


We live to story tell with purpose, capturing the day as it naturally unfolds. Picking out those unnoticed moments and details, bringing an honest, modern, authentic feel to your imagery with an editorial edge. One that feels simply timeless.


Drawn to natural lighting, shape and texture. Adding depth, warmth and intrigue. 


Sarah’s inspiration comes from architecture, fashion and design.


David’s ingenuity comes from feeling, connection and music.


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Sarah & Joshua

I will never have enough thank you’s for The James’. Sarah and David’s skills, eye for the detail and natural moments are unmatched. As a wedding planner, my imagery meant a lot to me and there is no one else I’d rather have had shoot our day. They captured every moment, every laugh, every tear, every guest and all the moments we didn’t see, we will treasure them forever. I have no idea how we are meant to choose which ones to print because we truly love them all. We don’t only have incredible images of our us with friends & family but we also have stunning editorial, documentary style shots which are peieces of art! We look back and wonder how that was our wedding day. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to relive our day, again and again. 

Together, David & Sarah work seamlessly. Both looking for that spill of natural light, Those spots of detail and sentiment. The transitional moments that lead your story to the next chapter.

The emotion, the laughter, the love and everything else in-between. 

Aiming to capture your day is a simple non obtrusive way.

One which is relaxed and comfortable. 



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