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2022 has been a year of relief and a great celebration for many after two years of marriages being postponed and cancelled due to the pandemic, and we've seen more nuptials taking place this year than practically any other in recent memory.


The way we tie the knot is about to change forever, thanks to some exciting new trends that are starting to emerge now that weddings are once again on the agenda.

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From a variety of new bridal designs to a complete overhaul of the traditional wedding party, not to mention some extraordinary destinations and locations, 2023 is shaping up to be an exciting year for anyone planning to say "I do."


Here are some setting wedding trends we'll see more of throughout 2023. Here's to wedding planning!

“See-through” transparencies

Another significant wedding trend for Summer 2023 is delicate transparent materials.


On some dresses, sheer fabrics are utilised to offer coverage (like a mock neckline), while on others, they typically lend lustre and a sophisticated sensuality when they are embroidered or studded with tiny luminescent inserts.


Transparencies are created in the 2023 wedding collections with floral embroidery, priceless brocades, and see-through effects. Transparencies may be used throughout the gown or only in specific parts, such as the bodice or sleeves.

Brands: Agnieszka Światły, Dana Harel, Yolancris and Zuhair Murad wanted to show the concept of femininity and sensuality through transparencies.

3D Florals

With the perfect textures to add volume or movement, traditional silhouettes obtain a glam touch.


Floral appliqués, which make a garment surprisingly artistic and delicate, are particularly opening eyes for the summer 2023 bridal fashions. An ideal style for the bride who wants a dress that is romantic, timeless, elegant, and chic but still has bucolic qualities.

Brands: Marchesa for Pronovias, Oscar de la Renta and Rosie Assoulin who have added 3D floral inserts on bodices, skirts, veils and capes.



These dresses with sweeping, fluffy skirts give a fairy-tale look. The voluminous gowns astound and entice since they are frequently embellished with ruffles and flowing flower decorations.

Brands: Benjo Arwas, Ines Di Santo and Alexandra Sophie chose volume and offer dresses with vaporous redingote or layered skirts with voluminous hemlines.

wearethe_jamess wedding trends 2023-2.jpg

Liquid Shine

A popular wedding trend for Summer 2023, is slicked, high-gloss hair, whether worn close to the head like at Erdem in London or swept back with body like at the Victoria Beckham and Badgley Mischka shows in Paris and New York.


This new take on the wet look is a chicer, more approachable way to rock it.

Barbiecore Ponytails

The retro feminine glamour aesthetic is still popular with the release of the Barbie movie in June 2023. 


As seen at Halpern and on the red carpet with celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, wearing a ponytail super-high and glossy is a hot wedding trend for Summer 2023.


Side Partings

A clean side parting in addition to the sleek look. Also seen at shows including Loewe, Vivetta and Alessandra Rich, fashion week concurs that wearing your hair low to one side is back.

wearethe_jamess wedding trends 2023-1.jpg


Watercolor Details on your Invitation Liners

Paper Fans

Delicate Paper Details on Pastel Colours

Your wedding invites will set the tone for great wedding design. One of the wedding trends for Summer 2023 is an increase in watercolour touches on invitation liners.


Adding this unique and surprising touch will definitely give your guests a little wow factor and is a terrific way to show off your individuality (or tease what's to come!).

While paper fans used as ceremony programmes are not precisely "new," they are also not disappearing.


This approach to providing information about your wedding ceremony is great for hot summer weddings and is something your guests will enjoy using because the best design comes in forms your guests will interact with.

A wedding trend for Summer 2023 is a blend of soft pastel colours and delicate paper details.


The use of hand-torn paper for table numbers and other signage is a favourite to many, and we believe that a soft colour makes the wedding decor feel even more romantic.


Coloured Eyeliner

Coloured eyeliner has become more popular than black eyeliner and is already in style.


This look has entered the wedding industry and is here to stay, whether it is applied to the upper eyelashes, the water line, in the centre of the eye, a more artistic design with various characteristics, or specks of colour.

Glass Skin

With viral trends like dolphin skin (luminous and with a glowy finish) or glass skin (crystal skin), wedding makeup trends for 2023 have shifted towards natural looks, especially with respect to the coverage of the skin.


This is why many makeup artists are betting on this for upcoming wedding trends for Summer 2023. 


And sure, we can attest that it is the greatest choice for a skin result that is remarkably natural. In 2023, brides will have a radiant, healthy, glowing complexion with considerably more subdued contouring.

Bright, holographic and metallic eye shadows

Metallics and glitter enliven your appearance. And it means you can include some colour and flash!


Silvers, bronzes, coppers, and any other colour that sparkles are applied extravagantly but similarly to other eyeshadow. This would be the ideal match when worn with a cheek highlighter.


Personal Touches

Adding unique and personal touches to weddings is becoming more and more common as traditions start to break, so it is definitely a wedding trend for Summer 2023. 


Personalised place cards containing the names of your guests to ensure that they are seated properly. Additionally, you might use decorations that were designed especially for your wedding by a family member or yourself.


You can add a personal touch by creating your own special dishes or drinks for the occasion so that your guests can enjoy your varied culinary tastes. 

Bold Colours

A wedding trend for Summer 2023 trend is vibrant colours, which are mirrored in the tablescapes that are beginning to be created.


So, be daring with your table settings and floral arrangements, and select a colour scheme or a theme that is especially appropriate for you and your partner.


Candles are a terrific wedding trend for Summer 2023, to turn your wedding meal into a stunning, memorable event because they are a traditional choice for adding romance to a tablescape.


To truly give the finishing touch to the rest of your décor, experiment with various candle holders and try to use candles that match your colour scheme.


To truly create your own unique backdrop for the event on the day, consider some more modern and stylish lighting options, such as hanging bulbs, personalised fairy lights, and letters made out of lighting.


Whether the lighting is placed above or on your table, it will complement it well, and your guests will undoubtedly appreciate it as well.

Pressed Flowers

You may have seen that several designs for pressed flower cakes have recently appeared, so it should come as no surprise that this will still be a popular style in 2023 for both food and table settings.


Pressed flower cakes, which use edible flowers as the cake decoration on top of a light frosting, are the ideal way to bring some whimsical romanticism to your table.


The table decorations, napkin holders, and other parts of your tablescape could also embrace the pressed flower style.

Consider the season

The season is a crucial consideration when selecting colours. For instance, you might want to steer clear of darker hues like black or navy if your wedding is taking place during summer because they might have a tendency to look a little too formal for a bright daytime wedding.


Instead, choose softer hues like cream, tan, or grey. In addition to enhancing the season, these hues will keep your guests cool and cosy during the warmer months.



In search of something truly original? Attempt Verdigris. Your wedding will stand out from the crowd thanks to the unique and intriguing nature of this deep, rich green colour. For a stunning contrast, use it with white or ivory, or use it as an accent colour against deeper hues.


Make sure the colours you select reflect your personal style and provide your wedding guests with an unforgettable experience.

Pantone’s Gold Flake

Gold Flake can help couples who want to add colour to their wedding while maintaining the timeless vibe that neutrals bring. This hue can assist to liven up a room without being too overbearing because it is a mellow yellow.


When most people think of yellow they think of the sun and the feeling of happiness which might ground you enough to help you focus and live your day rather than worry about the details.

Are you ready to create the trend setting wedding of 2023?

Planning your wedding day can be overwhelming, as you want each part of it to be beautiful, memorable, and unique.


With these wedding trends for Summer 2023, you can truly create a day that you will remember, as well as one that will look eye-catching in photos that you can look back on for years.

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