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TIFFANI + JOHN | 41.9028° N, 12.4964° E | SAVE THE DATE


Rome. A small corner of the world, filled with historical landmarks talked about around the globe. One of the many destinations we were lucky enough to cast eyes on last year. 


Tiffani and John set us an assignment for something a little different. The couple had their hearts set on announcing  their wedding plans in a digitally designed way.


As family would be travelling to celebrate with them from afar, there was no easy option than to create an online platform for them to communicate on. 



Our approach. As always, to capture our couples in a fluid, natural way. Tiffani wore a combination of a timeless chic wedding inspired dress and a leopard print D&G number for the evening. John wearing a classic crisp white shirt, with a tailored black suit. We planned the route and tracked the sun the day before and decided to split the shoot into two to avoid the mid-day heat. 


Davids process. 

The starting point was to inject the couple's story, the roads they had taken together in life but also their separate journeysAn audio script brought this to life. The couple wanted something timeless and unique 


Sarah's Process.

To capture them as a couple, embracing their surroundings. I wanted their wedding guests to feel the happiness and love they share. I paired this with some strong portraits and an editorial edge.


We aim to bring your viewers a sense of feel,  a piece of your story in an honest, authentic and natural way. We offer a friendly discreet approach to photo & film. 

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