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How to write a speech.

Presentation of speech ( best to use Q cards or similar - visually pleasing on photos / video )

Mc or toastmaster - When to use one. 

Timings - best to do speeches before the wedding breakfast is served - tables are clean / toast drinks can be waiting for guests on tables. Why not to do them in the middle of courses ( this is usually when suppliers have their lunch / backup files / create a sneak peek for your social announcements )  And why not to do them at the end ( wait for tables to be cleared / dirty napkins / spilt drinks etc

Traditions / Who -  why you can break the rule. a way to include people in your day if they aren't a bridesmaid etc 

Top table styling ( Florals etc need to be at a suitable height ... look great behind to frame the top table. 

Length of speeches ( keep them at a nice length - around 10 mins  ) 

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